Cigarettes is a dangerous chemical that could eliminate you. Cannabis is just not. Tobacco use has been related to many forms of cancer, heart problems, and various other health conditions. Marijuana is not associated with many serious health issues. Cigarettes tobacco users need to deal with tarnished pearly whites, stinky breath, and stinky outfits. Marijuana users do not have these issues. Cigarette smoking may cause social awkwardness. Marijuana cigarette smoking does not have this outcome.

How Marijuana Is Better Than Tobacco

It really is no key that cigarette smoking cigarettes includes a lot of unfavorable well being outcomes. Even many famous people like Bella Thorne steer clear of using tobacco cigarette and favor cigarette smoking weed alternatively. From cancer of the lung to heart disease, there are several good reasons to steer clear of cigarettes and tobacco products. Even so, what many individuals don’t know is that marijuana is truly a significantly less hazardous option to cigarette. Read about a couple of factors why:

Cannabis does not consist of any tar residue or other carcinogenic substances present in cigarettes cigarette smoke. Which means that cigarette smoking marijuana will not be related to a higher risk of cancers.

Marijuana also is not going to include any pure nicotine. Cigarette smoking is definitely the habit forming chemical in smoking cigarettes that keeps smokers coming back for a lot more. Because cannabis does not have pure nicotine, it is far from addicting in a similar manner that cigarettes is.

Finally, current studies show that marijuana can certainly help to guard the lung area. 1 review discovered that smoking cigarettes marijuana was linked to elevated lung capability when cigarette smoking smoking cigarettes was connected with lowered lung potential.

So, if you’re searching for a more secure replacement for tobacco, consider marijuana. It really is significantly less damaging to your wellbeing and might offer you some health advantages.


Marijuana is not merely a healthier replacement for cigarette but it is also used in many different approaches. Cannabis can be smoked, vaporized, taken in, as well as applied topically. There are several stresses of cannabis, each and every using its own special set of results. Whether or not you’re searching for a longer-lasting substantial or something that is that will help you chill out and de-stress, there’s a tension of cannabis that’s ideal for you. So why not ditch the cigarette and give cannabis a test? You might just be amazed at how much greater it really is!