Cosmetic procedures are very costly and depending on your choice of plastic surgeon, one may be susceptible to a number of health risks. Before setting the appointment for your face lift, nose job, liposuction or Botox, you need to be well prepared for before the session and the recovery window after the procedure. It comes down to finding a reputable plastic surgeon like Dr Leonard Hochstein with satisfactory reviews and services as attested by their past clients. Here are a few was through which patients can prepare for cosmetic surgeries today.
Follow recovery instructions from your doctor
Your doctor will prepare you on all the side effects and risks of undergoing the desired procedure for you to understand what is at stake. You can make better decisions after being fully informed however adhering to your doctor’s instructions what should get you across the line is. Inability to follow the dosage, diet and care instructions will only delay the full recuperation of your body from the cosmetic surgery.
Avoid smoking before and after the procedure
Cigarettes contain tobacco which inhibits proper recovery process especially after a procedure. You should stop smoking at least a few days or weeks before your procedure and also give it a break during the recovery window. This is necessary for proper blood circulation into the surgical area ensuring faster recovery when compared to after plastic surgery patients that never quit smoking.
Arrange for a home support system
The first few days after your procedure will not be easy and you need all the help you can get. You can arrange to have a friend, family member or support system with you after the procedure to help you manage the recovery process with ease. They can besides help with basic household chores besides driving you to your doctor for checkups.