Air source temperature pumps are a form of mechanised air conditioning method which utilizes natural warmth exchanges involving the atmosphere outside as well as the air inside of to manage the temp of any residence or building.

There are actually three different kinds of Air heat pump (Luftvärmepump): consumption, compression, and desiccant. Each kind possesses its own special set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to select the right one to suit your needs.

The different types of atmosphere-provider heat pumping systems:

●Absorption temperature pumps use a refrigerant that soaks up heat from the air flow as it evaporates. This particular heat water pump is extremely effective and works extremely well in hot and frosty environments. Nonetheless, intake heat pumps need standard upkeep and are more expensive than other warmth pumping systems.

●Compression warmth pumping systems function by compressing refrigerant petrol to boost its temperature. This sort of heat pump motor is very productive in hot areas, however it can struggle to cool room in colder weather conditions. In addition, compression warmth pumps require more routine maintenance than other warmth pumps.

●Desiccant heating pumping systems work with a specific materials to absorb humidity in the atmosphere. This kind of heating pump is incredibly great at moist climates, but it might be less effective in clothes dryer problems. Desiccant heat pumping systems need much less servicing than other

How atmosphere source temperature pumping systems operate:

Oxygen source heat pumps are a form of residence heating and air conditioning process which uses air outside to boost the performance of your own home’s HVAC program.

●In the summertime, an air resource heating water pump concentrated amounts warmth from the atmosphere and transfers it inside of, exactly where it really is used to awesome your home.

●In the winter months, the procedure is reversed, as well as heat is obtained from air outside and transmitted inside of to heating your property.


Air flow heating pumps are green, since they do not launch any harmful emissions into the ambiance. Air flow resource heat pumps are extremely productive and will save you funds on your energy expenses.