Simply how much an Elmiron arrangement amount can be can be tough to predict. Elmiron lawsuit settlements vary according to a number of different variables in each circumstance, which include:

The degree of the eyesight impairment you were clinically determined to have

How much time you had taken the prescription substance Elmiron

Any lost pay or revenue because of this eyesight harm

Current Elmiron settlements

On Could 4, 2020, a Nevada female sent in a criticism against Johnson & Johnson along with its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals, alleging that the item (Elmiron) triggered her to develop the retinal condition maculopathy.

The Nevada woman experienced constant exposure to Elmiron, getting used the medication since 2012. Her injury suit says that her perspective began to weaken following utilizing the prescription medication for six years.

Should you or a family member get or took Elmiron and experienced an eye disorder or perspective troubles for that reason, you could have an Elmiron circumstance.

What Exactly Is Elmiron Employed For?

Authorized by the You.S. Food items and Substance Supervision (FDA) in 1996, pentosan polysulfate sodium (Elmiron) may be the only FDA-approved dental medicine accustomed to handle kidney discomfort and pain linked to interstitial cystitis (IC).

IC, also called “painful bladder syndrome,” can be a chronic kidney problem with no identified get rid of. Elmiron is definitely an IC medication with potentially extreme unwanted effects.

Elmiron Eye Damage Signs

Recent studies have investigated the web link between the use of Elmiron and eyesight illness.

Elmiron Long-Term Adverse Reactions

Elmiron might be connected to the following eye conditions:

Macular deterioration

Pigmentary maculopathy

Retinal maculopathy