Long gone are the days that people used to walk down the stores searching for products and services. Before shoppers make a move to buy something, they must first check what’s written about them online. Today, 84% of people trust what they read online including reviews and recommendations. Because we are living in a digitalized age, information spread fast. This applies to any comments, reviews, and feedback given by past clients or customers. When negative things are written about your company or products, you will suffer a negative reputation. This may affect your business negatively as there will be no one willing to associate themselves with you. That is where reputation management comes in. As much as you may have spent a lot of time and years building your online reputation, a little mess can cause it to come crumbling down. According to Bret Talley an expert in reputation management, here is why reputation management is very important
To build credibility
You will be needing a good reputation management plan for your business for the sake of building brand credibility. We are living in the internet error where people can see and write anything online. Whether a customer had a good experience with your brand or product can all be found online. Compared to positive reviews, people are always quick to write negative reviews more than they could write positive ones. A simple mistake can easily ruin the reputation that you have built for a very long time. For you to be credible and win the trust of your customers, you will be needing a reputation management plan. You can either do it yourself or hire someone who will help you with it.
Analyzing the needs of your customer
It is through a reputation management plan that you will know whether customers are satisfied with your products or not. You will also know what they want and prefer.